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“It was a concept. It was basically like, always by choice, never by force. If you proud to pay for it, this the price of it.”  -Nipsey Hussle


Proud 2 Pay was born out of the concept of community. Nipsey Hussle has always given back to the community, and wanted to show that his people would support him in turn. In a world of greedy label execs and controlling industry figures, Nipsey Hussle wanted to empower the artist, leading to the creation of Proud 2 Pay. A campaign centered around his mixtape Crenshaw, Hussle created 1,000 copies of his signed mixtape and charged $100 for them. Every single copy was bought in under 24 hours, and Hussle achieved his goal of creating a conversation around artistic genius and freedom and proving that his community would always show out for him. 


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case study


On October 8, 2013, a line of Nipsey Hussle superfans stretched down North Fairfax Avenue, waiting for their chance to get his highly coveted autographed mixtape Crenshaw. Charging $100 per mixtape, the music world was divided on whether this was ridiculous or genius. The latter succeeded, and the campaign was a huge success. With only 3 days notice, Hussle managed to gather a huge crowd of eager fans with $100 to spend. Nipsey's mixtapes (all 1,000 of them) sold out in less than 24 hours. He grossed $100,000 off of the CD sales alone. Not only that, but the campaign sparked a conversation. Superfans, casual fans, and the general public alike were spreading the word about the crazy release Nipsey Hussle was having. It was one of the biggest instances of fan engagement that hip hop has ever seen, one that tightened the bond between artist and fan base forever.  

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